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Lenora Leibowitz fine artist

Lenora Leibowitz graduated from the Maine College of Art and has lived in the Portland area, more or less, ever since. Her  work is in the impressionistic style. She conveys the spirit of the Maine landscape and it's  buildings.Her vision of the Maine countryside shows the subtle shadings of greens and browns; the reflection of the clouds in the water;  the dramatic purples and pinks of the sunsets.  She has had numerous one woman shows and exhibited in group shows.

Some recent shows are:

Kimball Street Studios • Roots and Branches     August 2013 • Lewiston, ME  

 The Verbena Cafe  •  March & April 2013 • South Portland, Maine    

Dock Fore  •  September 2013 • Portland, Maine    

3fish Gallery • Landscapes •  August 2012 • Portland, ME  

 Kimball Street Studios • Skyscapes July 2012 • Lewiston, ME    

Frost Farm Gallery • Journey’s End June 3 - 26 2011 • Norway Maine



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